Where do you want to go today?


Fall 2020

Welcome to our DAYDREAMING blog where we will be sharing stories about the unique faces, places and spaces we encounter in our lives. We hope you will visit often to drift and dream along with us. Here you will learn about our work and life experiences and how we practice pressing pause to unplug, unwind and undo to relax, refresh and renew. We will share some of our rituals and discoveries about wellness, including the importance of inhaling deeply to bring things to us and then exhaling fully to give things from us to others or to simply let things go and begin anew.

In 2002, Richard Frinier designed these magical Daydream daybeds for Dedon. Created by artisan weavers on the island of Cebu in the Philippines, they are hand woven infusing a sense of soul into each piece transporting the spirit to a place where you have either never been before or to a place you long to be. Since time is our only true luxury we like to think of daydreaming as the art and practice of mind traveling. Where do you want to go today?